Your monthly goal & task tracking on your wall

Habitero Wall Planner helps you in staying on top of your goals throughout the month to make sure things you do weekly contribute to the longer term vision.

I use a normal, web based calendar, offline daily journal and my email (with snooze options) to help me stay on top of my tasks and projects.

I found however that sometimes I can get caught up in doing so much that I forget to focus on what actually contributes to my long term goals, projects and passions.

The Habitero Wall Planner is my attempt at getting over this challenge.

How to use it?

  • The planner is designed to be used from bottom to top.
  • It starts (looking from the bottom) with the first week (or end of the week) of the month, for example (1-3rd September 2017)
  • Each block is one week.
  • Each week block you can use you to mark tasks you wish to execute this week to bring you closer to your goal.
  • There are 3 ‘tracks’ per month, leading up to 3 big goals for the month.
  • For example, one track can be ‘mindfulness’ second ‘health’ third ‘launch a blog’
  • If you have more than 3 ‘projects’ (or monthly goals) you wish to work towards, print out multiple planners.
  • Under mindfulness you can write ‘I meditate once a day each day’, under health ‘I improve my diet’ and under launch a blog you can have ‘write 5 blog posts’, ‘install wordpress theme’ etc
  • Then you have the main goal at the very top. Everything feeds into this one. The main goal is something very long term that you aspire to. For example ‘I have achieved financial freedom’ or ‘I am fully happy with where I am with my life and my self image’ or ‘I now own my own house’.

The whole premise is that each week we put in small tasks, while doing daily or weekly planning, and then we tick them off as we progress through the month, being reminded every day of our bigger goals and our main goals (your main WHY).

Please note this is a new planner I developed, if anything here isn’t clear please let me know via the contact page.

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