Super simple method to shake off that ‘I’m inherently screwed’ or ‘This self improvement stuff doesn’t work for me’ limiting belief

First of all – if you’re telling yourself ‘I’m inherently screwed’ I’d like to ask politely that you stop with telling yourself that you’re ‘inherently screwed’., because you’re not, it’s a simple lie you made up.

That’s just a negative thought pattern.

Noone is inherently screwed, unless you were born with a hand on top of your head, or a leg coming out of your ear.

Then you have a real genetic problem from birth and I can’t argue with that fact. The people who are born this way drew a really terrible card and no – I’m not claiming to be able to help them.

Understand it’s just a ‘state’ you’re in

We sometimes go through periods when we believe ourselves to be ‘inherently screwed’ – we may believe it for years even!

And then we do things to make this thought real. We overindulge, make bad life choices and when consequences chase us down (karma), this only reinforces the fact that we’re feeling ‘inherently screwed’.

The truth is (and you can read on this in Psycho Cybernetics or any other book like The Power of Now and others) that the thoughts we feed, become the strongest and they reinforce themselves into the reality.

Examples of self limiting beliefs

Let me give an example.
I used to go to gym with a buddy, I’d go and do some weight lifting. After a few weeks of doing this and eating well, I just didn’t have the big muscles other guys had.
And I was like:

  • OK, gym just isn’t for me
  • I can’t build muscle
  • I’m a weakling
  • This diet stuff is not helping
  • I can’t change my body
  • Maybe I’m naturally thin
  • The only people who grow muscle must be taking steroids

Guess what was happening? I wasn’t building any muscle and I wasn’t making progress, that I could see anyway.

How I got out of it

Three things happened, one was my buddy, who motivated me to just keep coming.
A girl at work one day said ‘oh wow, are you working out?’
A gym trainer made measurements of my body and commented that ‘I’ve got something going on here and it’s looking like progress’.

The truth was – it was happening, I just chose to not see it!

I wasn’t strong enough (oh there you go, here’s my self negative belief coming out! See, noone’s perfect!) – to overcome this by myself. I needed people externally to tell me it’s happening.

I went to the mirror and looked my muscles and suddenly – POW – I noticed ‘damn, there is a tiny change here, it looks like it’s working’.

Two months later I still wasn’t huge – no, but I was looking really lean, muscly and I could do bigger weights, I felt strong and proud of myself, I carried myself like a champion. And thus I overcome that feeling.

Now I know these feelings are just feelings, not facts!

We’re all human beings capable of any change in our lives. It’s just about putting the effort in.

Replacing bad patterns with good

For me what works, is throwing in the good stuff.
Instead of just quitting all bad habits cold turkey (I used to smoke, drink alcohol every day and more), I first started:

  • Meditating once a day (5 minutes)
  • Then buying a lot of smoothies (and drinking instead of alcohol or in addition!)
  • Eating more veggies and fruit and salads
  • Going to the gym.
  • Reading a few pages of a book each day’

What now

Just kept on adding in the good stuff, and not focusing on bad stuff. Soon enough – I was spending 30 minutes a day up to an hour doing ‘the good stuff’. And this made me believe and feel it, and I kept doing more.

Then others started noticing, that I’m glowing, that I give a different vibe – so I started believing it more!

Now I’m sober for 2 months+ and I help others get unstuck every day – not a single cigarette smoked, no craving, no crisps or fast foods, no bad foods with glucose syrup. I still often reward myself with Chocolate etc, but now I have a good reward system (as per this other article on my blog on guilt free rewards).

I hope this helps.

PS. Just heard an amazing simple quote from ‘Resource’ (a documentary on netflix) which relates to this great: ‘Just get out of your head, head is the worst place’

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