Your habit building taken offline

Habitero Pyramid helps you reinforce new, positive habits, by being offline and in your environment all day.

I’ve used countless apps for reminders – to try and introduce new habits into my daily work life. The Pyramid helps by being so different to the usual items in the office environment – and it’s offline.

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What is it?

  • Habitero Pyramid is a pyramid shaped object
  • Currently, it’s made out of cardboard (wooden version is being worked on)
  • It’s just about 3 inches tall
  • Each side deals with a different area of life
  • Each area reflects different habits

How do I use it?

  • Place it on your desk in the morning – with the side that feels most important facing you (or pick one at random)
  • Throughout the day, your attention will be drawn to it
  • This will result in a reminder – to perform one of the actions
  • Then you’re reinforcing a new habit – effortlessly
  • Voila! Repeat each day to build new habits.

What each side means?

Motivation = red

This side is to boost your motivation, to bring more reason to why you do things, change your vibration and make you more positive.
Be grateful
I write down three things I’m grateful for each day. This helps bring more appreciation for things you experience, things that happen, your family, your life. Remind yourself of a few things you’re grateful for – and feel that warm feeling of gratitude.
Think positively
When facing challenges it’s easy sometimes to slip into negative thoughts. Don’t give them energy, swap them for positive ones. Just keep thinking positively and ‘fake it till you make it’ – in no time by simply adding more positive thoughts your mind will start producing more of them and voila, you’re positive now. Awesome!
What’s your “WHY”?
What’s the big reason behind what you’re doing. If you’re working – is it just for material gains, or is there a larger reason for it? Family, a big goal in life, a better lifestyle or more freedom in life? Remind yourself of that – use it to bring a new wave of energy into your body and spirit.

Productivity = orange

Feeling like you’re not getting enough done in the time you have? Use this side of the Habitero Cube to boost your productivity.
Block distractions 
Close that FB page, put your phone screen down so you can’t see that notification light. Pop in the headphones and put your music on, don’t let outside get in your way.
Focus on three priorities
Did you write down your three biggest priorities for the day? Do it – on a piece of paper next to you or in your journal, and keep coming back to them to make sure you achieve them today.
Use pomodoro: 25mins work, 5mins break
Use the pomodoro technique, get an hourglass or a Chrome plugin and start working this way. Work with time, not against it.

Health = green

Without your health you can’t do much. This is the foundation for everything, treat it as a priority.
Drink water 
I aim to get in 3 litres per day. You can use an app for your phone to track your water intake. More water = better health, more natural move within the body. Get that water in.
Stretch and relax
Move your consciousness to your neck, shoulders, back, lungs – are you tense? Breathe into them, think cloudy, happy, soft thoughts, stretch and relax consciously.
Get up, walk around
OK, maybe it’s time to shake a bit off, move those joints. Remember not to sit for too long at one time. Go make something to drink, chat to someone, look in the sky and appreciate the colours.

Mindfulness = blue

Feeling like you’re losing yourself a bit? Lost in the outside world, rather than staying within your own Aura? This side is for you.
Focus on breathing
Bring your focus to the breath. Breathe in deeply and feel it, feel the air enter your body. Focus on that for a second, on that stillness within movement…
Take thoughts less seriously 
Is your ‘in mind radio’ playing some annoying thoughts? Maybe you have a song stuck in your head? Don’t pay attention to it, disregard annoying thoughts, it’s just noise. What is important is feeling of being present.
Bring your mind back to the present
Now imagine stopping to think for a second. Where are you, what is around you? Can you stop commenting and reacting with your mind for a second and just feel what is happening in your mind? Feel that clarity and consciousness expansion, it’s a great, light feeling.

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