Get a website perfected for conversion for just $ 439*

Order your custom website

Just $ 439 (ex. VAT)

After payment and receiving all data it will only take 48 hours before your website is live!

This is a solution for those that want a clean, modern, effective and responsive website for an amazing price. We’re building each website in WordPress, allowing you (or us) to add new modules or features to the website in a very quick and easy way. You can even turn your website into an online shop!

Check out the features and content that is included in the default package here.

* Price includes first years hosting valued at $ 99 (ex. VAT)! Our hosting is provided by one of the top-rated hosters in the Netherlands. It even includes free SSL certificates and unlimited email addresses.

Our service and products are fast and reliable. Still not sure or want to know more about us or our products?

We build your website in less than 48 hours!

Since the start of TEQQED we have only worked with highly skilled, talented and reliable professionals. We have streamlined processes and mastered web development and online marketing. We work for multinationals, healthcare organizations, fashion brands but mostly for small business owners.

Thanks to this we can build websites that convert incredibly well in less than 48 hours. Using the latest technologies and years of experience you can be assured of the best value for money there is.

” I never had a website because I thought it wasn’t for me. Turns out people were actually looking or my company online. They can find me now and I’ve never been happier! ” – Joseph A.

Check out all features, everything that is included in the default package.

We’ve also listed an array of other features and modules that you can add yourself or have us do it for a very acceptable fee.

Earn back the initial cost of
the website within a week

Your website – provided you are active when it comes to sales and marketing – can earn itself back within one week. Easily. This all depends on your own efforts obviously. Our websites are optimized for conversion and for every device.

We will also start with our own referral program. This will allow you to earn good commissions for the clients you refer to us!

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