Life Coach in Brighton & Hove

I help people in becoming the best version of themselves.

Through a unique blend of awareness, meditation and life coaching.

If you’re feeling like you’re

  • Currently stuck
  • that you are better than what you currently see yourself as
  • that you can do better
  • that you deserve better
  • that you’re putting the work in but not getting the results
  • or you’re too stuck to work on your self improvement

I can help you.

A life coaching session with me provides you with support and ability to see deeper within yourself, to find the optimal solution and get you unstuck and back on track.
Back on track to being the best you, the you that you know can be. The you that’s inside you.


I help people in need daily, whether it’s getting out of additions or toxic habits, I can help you deal with it and find a better path.

What type of coaching do I provide?

I provide life coaching with a mix of awareness (meditation), discipline and spirituality. I focus on supporting you through part of self awareness to realise what your real goals are and then I support you in pursuing them. I believe that if we’re on a trajectory and in movement to achieve things that matter to us,
it’s a lot easier to feel fulfilled, have a great life and build the best version of ourselves.

Send me an email via the contact page by clicking here to get in touch.

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