How I overcame my negative inner voice by building a mental cheer leading team

Creating your internal ‘biggest fans’ team to always keep you positive and on track

What if you could have a support network around you, even when they’re not here?

What if you could have a coach by your side, in any situation, 24/7 – without them actually being there.

Welcome to my ‘internal cheerleader team’ concept. Feel free to rename it and change it to suit you, of course.

Why build your internal cheerleader team?

Often when faced with challenges, or with difficult tasks, my internal voice was a big negative and not always supportive. I’d tell myself things like:

  • You won’t make it
  • You’re a fake
  • This is too difficult
  • This is taking too long
  • What are you even trying to accomplish?
  • Stop doing this, it’s too hard
  • Maybe I’ll finish later, today is just not the time

And frankly I don’t like that voice, I prefer when I’m supportive to myself.

I started talking more positively with myself and answer that voice with a positive.

This was better, however, it was still one vs one, one voice against another. Do you follow? It’s like an angel and a devil on one’s shoulder, it’s a +1 and a -1, they may zero each other out.

Which meant, it may still end up with one overpowering another, or them cancelling each other out and me having a ‘meh’ attitude towards a task.

Having your own ‘internal support team’ means that the negative voice is not just versus your one positive internal voice, it’s overpowered by a group of voices that tell you to keep going and achieve your goals.

What is this internal team?

I’ve built an internal team, made of my friends and family members, in my own mind, who support me whenever I’m facing a difficulty.

Also, these people do support me! If I called my mum and asked her ‘hey mum, do you want me to succeed at this task?’ She would say ‘of course!’.

So all I’m doing here is summoning them in my mind, whenever I need them to support me.

Here’s how I imagine my team to be and how it works, follow me on this little visualisation please:

  • Imagine in your mind a sidelines of a basketball game
  • You can see the biggest fans of YOU (you are the team playing a game here)
  • They sit on the benches and support you, they may have t-shirts with your face or name on it
  • There may be a cheerleading team there too and a team (your) mascot
  • These people all are your friends, your family members, choose and place them from your mind there, anyone that supports you, verbally or non verbally on your journey

This is your internal fans team, these are your fans who want you to succeed. Here’s kinda how I imagine them, look at the support in this picture:

build internal cheerleading team

How do I use the team?

Whenever I’m facing a difficulty now – whatever the barrier or challenge is, if my negative voice says ‘you should give up now’ – I immediately call on my internal cheerleading team!

I imagine them sitting on the grandstand (or bleachers) and all rooting for me:

  • You can make it Krystian!
  • You’ve done this before, it’s not that hard!
  • This is easy stuff!
  • You can do it!
  • You know what’s at the end, go get it!

Sometimes I even imagine cheerleaders with pompons or a mascot making backflips, everyone just going crazy to support me.

This immediately ‘kicks out’ the negative voice out of my head and re-centers me back into my positive self. Then I just crack on with the task at hand, until it’s done and I thank my supporters team.


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