Hi, I’m Krystian Szastok.

Why Habitero?

Because I believe in the power of good habits to change life.

After spending years reading self help books and listening to gurus on podcasts advising me how to improve my life, I realised that I can’t outsource that responsibility. I can’t pick up a book – read it, and then decide ‘oh that doesn’t really work’ or ‘that didn’t help me’.

The truth was that I was trying to do new things, being influenced by someone else’s thoughts, but in the long term, I wasn’t creating enough good habits to keep me on track.

I struggled to even learn Spanish more than a few days in a row. Or to play piano – it was a struggle for me to do it every day, even meditation was ‘too hard’ for me. I felt like I didn’t have the energy for it. That it was too hard.

I had all the excuses, until the day came when I’ve decided to take full responsibility for all areas of my life and stop running away from it.

This is a journey, every day is a new chance to improve and to create and keep up the great habits that help us become better people.

Now, I have a system I use and that I coach people on. It’s a combination of wellbeing, structure and mindfulness. Building on these pillars has substantially increased my quality of life and the level of success and happiness I experience every day.

The Habitero Pyramid is the first ‘child’ of that process. It has helped me immensely in bringing more of a feeling of presence to everyday life.

About Krystian Szastok

Krystian Szastok came to United Kingdom (originally from Poland) at age of 20, not having a clear direction in life. After having worked a number of temporary jobs, he has learned to code websites by hand in HTML and CSS. Then came the SEO career and learning that.

He has always worked freelance, moving onto a great career in some of the top SEO agencies in Brighton and UK. He had leading roles, devising strategy, managing international accounts and providing training and support to the SEO teams he led.

He has been training to become a life coach and is now on a mission to help businesses not just by his digital marketing skills set, but also by providing coaching and training on day to day productivity, mindfulness and motivation challenges of his personal and business contacts.

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