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By building more positive habits, you can change yourself and the world around you.

Hi! I’m Krystian Szastok & I want to help you become a better version of yourself. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Many people go through each day with a feeling that their lives could be better, that there is something missing. That they could accomplish a lot more, if only someone would give them a helping hand or some direction, helped them believe in themselves. What would you do if you had 100% belief that you couldn’t fail?

Habitero is here to help you by delivering the best of self improvement, motivation and productivity resources, with particular focus on mindfulness and spirituality.

Let me say this again, I don’t want you to become a more efficient, happier machine, that just does things every day, like you used to, but in a better way. No. This is about filling that missing element of you, with positive habits, meditation, pursuing your life dreams – to make you a more wholesome person.


Staying healthy, fit and not putting toxins into your body is the foundation for all your life.


Habits, planning and being organised will reduce the stress and help you stay on top of things.


Finally, you can be aware, present, happier, mindful, in a meditative-like state and experience the world around you with increased quality.

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